Review: Nivea Perfect & Radiant Toning Lotion

Before using Nivea Toning Lotion: 

After 2 weeks of using Nivea Toning Lotion:

More about this product:

It purifies and clears skin. This Toning Lotion helps prevents blemishes and controls shine. Contains Magnolia Extract. 

How to use:

Apply with a cotton pad after cleansing face. Remember to avoid the eye area.

After two weeks of using this product it has cleared my skin from blemishes and uneven skin tone which I’ve been struggling with before using this range. During summer, my face tends to become oily during the day but for the fast two weeks this Toning Lotion has controlled the shine! 

Usually when using a toner it would dry my skin, give off a burning sensation or give my skin a horrible texture. However, I have not experienced that with this Toning Lotion. My skin feels soft, fresh and clean!

I recommend this product for people who struggle with oily skin or blemishes. I’d definitely buy this product once mine runs out! 

I’ve been using the Perfect and Radiant Even Tone Day Cream after applying the Toning Lotion.