Review: Labello Vanilla & Buttercream


The first thing I noticed about the new Labello was the packaging. This lip balm is packaged in warm gold. It looks pretty and different, it definitely stands out from the rest of the flavours. The colour represents the flavour perfectly without looking ‘tacky’ . If I were to see this in stores the appeal of the packaging would draw me towards purchasing it. We can never have enough “lip stuff” now can we?

After being excited about the beautiful packaging, I opened the new Labello and the smell was so, yummy. It reminded me of vanilla ice cream, vanilla cupcakes with buttercream. The lip balm moisturized my lips making it feel soft, smooth and smelling great!

The smoothing lip balm is enriched with Shea butter, Avocado oil and Jojoba oil to ensure your lips are feeling moisturized for 12 hours! Today before going to the beach, I applied some lip balm at 11am and now at 8pm my lips are still feeling soft and moisturized.

If you’re looking for a great lip balm to last you for 12 hours and it smells like a delicious cupcake, then try the new Vanilla and Buttercream Labello Lip Balm!