The Cecilia Forest

The Cecilia Forest

My day today started off with a refreshing 2 hour walk in the Cecilia Forest, Cape Town. This forest is home to many hiking trails which starts at the Cecilia Forest car park where Rhodes and Hohenhort Drives meet. 

The Trial we took (Cecilia Ravine) led us to so many beautiful waterfalls!

The walk took us exactly 2 hours with stops to rest and ofcourse, take photos. It consists of many steps and a few big rocks to climb around/over so I’m extremely glad that we went on a cool day. There are lots of parts of the trail that is just flat ground which gives time to enjoy the scenery.

And we just couldn’t resist taking selfies infront of these beautiful waterfalls 

This hike was great and there were many times where you’d get a view like the photo above and sometimes even better! It was quite easy so I’d recommend everyone to try it aswell! 

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