About Me

Hi beautiful people!

My name’s Keziah Chante’ Fredericks and I’m currently 19 years old.

I am located in the extremely majestic city called Cape Town in South Africa!

I seek adventures within nature so I started this blog to share some stories of the crazy adventures I’ve been on.

My blog will also contain how I believe one should take care of oneself from within in order to obtain complete contentment.

I’ve recently become a vegetarian and I’ll be telling you why, how, what I eat and ways in which to make it a fun and exciting lifestyle!

 I also have a major love for beauty and will be sharing my favourite products, tips and tricks with you.

I hope you all enjoy my content and I’m looking forward to reading your feedback in the comments and on my social media accounts!


Get in contact with me!

Email : Keziahf32@gmail.com

Instagram : @Keziahfredericks

Snapchat : Keziahfredx

Twitter : @KeziahFred