Winter Nails With Essence

I’ve always been getting my nails done professionally but because of the Degree I’m currently doing at University, I’m not allowed to have crazy nails when I go on fieldwork visits to different medical institutions. Sucks right? :/  So for that reason I’ve started growing my nail polish collection to make it easier to just remove quickly when needed. I think Essence nail polish are incredible. 

These are the few polishes I’ve been using this past winter!
This first colour I have on my nails is 100 Miracle Stone. It’s  grey and has a glitter purple shine to it. It can’t really be seen on the photos but it is Matt. This colour could be worn with almost any colour.

The next colour I have on my nails is from the Out Of Space Stories collection by Essence called 05 Intergalactic Adventure. Such a cool name! It’s blue but shines purple and turquoise when moving or in the sun. I love love love this nail polish. 

Name: 48. My love diary. Gel polish. 

I’m not a fan of pink/red nail polish because it often does not go with my skin tone but I bought this to try it out and I actually love the look of it. It doesn’t give off a dark red tone and it doesn’t give off a light pink tone either, so for that reason I think it fits great with my skin! 

The following gel polish is my favourite! This one is called 80 jeans on! I like how this colour looks on my nails and I found myself wearing this colour a lot this winter.

I can not wait to start my summer collection and show you guys the Essence colours I’ve been wearing…