Welcome to my blog! 

Hi, I’m Keziah Fredericks and I’m currently 19 years old!

I’m located in a beautiful city called Cape Town in South Africa.
You can learn more about me and how to contact me by clicking “About” above.

My blog will contain a wide variety of things that I love such as: adventures, food, make-up, skincare, nature, vegetarianism and most importantly, Organic Happiness!

I’ve recently pushed myself to go on more adventures. Whether it is to the nearest beach at a ridiculous time of day or to jump off a waterfall cliff. When doing these things it of course gives me a rush, but mostly makes me feel alive, refreshed and thankful for what nature has to offer us! I feel like more people should go beyond their comfort zone and find happiness within nature itself. We should make it a top priority in our lives to go on more adventures, to open ourselves up to see what nature has to offer and appreciate it! Before 2016 ended, I went on many adventures, which I’ll be speaking about in future blogs. These hikes, swimming in waterfalls, canoeing in lakes etc, has opened my mind in ways I cannot explain. I urge everyone to just go out and find Earth’s hidden gems!

In 2016, I’ve been wanting to change over and become Vegetarian. It was difficult and I ended up making a promise to myself to change over as soon as the clock hit 1/1/17. I’ve been Vegetarian ever since and going strong! I am so happy about my choice! In future blog posts I’ll be telling you why it was difficult for me in 2016, what I eat now, ways Vegetarianism is exciting, and how you are actually making a difference and much much more!

I’m obsessed with pampering myself and my skin with a great skincare routine, nourishing baths, me time, water, water, and more water, organic products and essential oils. If you know me personally, you should know (and have lots of pictures of) ,  at least once a week I light up some candles, apply a face mask, apply lip balm, pop a bath bomb into my bath and relax with a ice cold glass of water in summer and a good hot chocolate in winter. This is a MUST for everybody and I’ll be doing loads of posts on this in the future. Trust me, I am obsessed.

Lastly, my take on organic happiness. I believe that I should be happy with myself without wearing make-up, without losing or picking up that extra kgs, without changing who I am to be more what society wants me to be. Now some might say, “But Keziah, you gym and you wear make-up”. And yes, that’s true. But I do these things entirely for myself. Gym for my well-being and apply make-up because I thoroughly enjoy it! Be you, do what makes you happy. Love yourself. 

The most important part of this all is to realise that the world should change its meaning of beautiful; you don’t have to change anything about yourself! You are absolutely beautiful no matter your size, ethnicity, sexuality, nationality… You get where I’m going with this! 

I believe that true happiness can come from spending time in nature, spending time with family and the right friends, accepting and loving yourself for who you are. Organic Happiness isn’t just about Beauty, it goes as far as organic eating, organic friends, organic products, using products that are not tested on animals, wearing items which animals did not have to suffer from in ANY way. Living free from anything inorganic will create organic happiness and complete contentment, and in life that’s really ALL that matters.

These are just bits and pieces to show you all what my blog will be all about. I am extremely excited to get started and take you on my journey to surround myself with nothing but Organic Happiness!