Tweede Tol Waterfalls

I’ve had many people ask me questions about the waterfalls I visited a while back so I decided to do a blog post on the entire experience!At the end of December last year I visited Tweede Tol. Some people call it Limietberg Reserve, Tweede Tol or Bainskloof Pass Hiking trials.
I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now and I finally got the chance to when my family and I were on holiday close by.
Before getting into the exciting stuff, I’m going to give you some information which is not stated on any websites.
You do not need a hiking pass, a permit, or a booking in order to do the hike. However, they only allow a certain number of people in so be sure to get there as early as possible!
Take lots of water with you especially if you’re doing it on a hot day.
Anyone could do this hike, for me it was more of a walk though. There is alittle rock climbing but only for about 2 minutes and it is not intense at all. At this time I was extremely unfit and unhealthy because, well it was December holidays and we all know how that goes haha. So trust me, anybody can do this!

It costs R50 per person to enter.

Whatever you do, DO NOT FOLLOW THE YELLOW FOOTSTEPS OR THE “WATERFALLS” SIGNS before you’ve reached a yellow house. You will get lost (like we did) and it will lead you on a difficult hiking trial which does not lead you to the waterfalls. Just go straight until you see a yellow house and take the path on your left-hand side. You’ll reach the waterfall in no time! After taking the path to your left you need to then follow the yellow footsteps. Honestly, I wish someone had told me this before I did the hike.

Like I said, we got lost but eventually we got to the waterfall. Different people get to different waterfalls first but that just depends on the way they walk or which pathway they take. 
It was an extremely hot day in late December so we were exhausted but the swim in the waterfall was SO worth it. I love fresh water, whether it be a river or ocean. So for me, swimming in that water was absolutely AMAZING! Besides the slippery rocks, I had a blast! I got alittle visit from two of the cutest frogs aswell. I could’ve stayed there all day. There’s just something about fresh water straight from nature. It makes you feel so refreshed.

We then followed the yellow footsteps again and got to another waterfall. This was personally my favourite of the two we visited. It was bigger than the one before. I loved the second waterfall so much that I could not get out! Being in the water and hearing the awesome waterfall sounds made me feel so alive and so happy, so content.

My sister, brother in-law and niece were at the Day Visitors section so we spent the rest of the day there. There are picnic spots aswell as braai spots. There was also a river in which anyone could swim in, so ofcourse, I did. And again, could not get enough! The water here was also so refreshing. The visitors section does get quite full so choose your day wisely.

This experience brought so much happiness to me. It made me appreciate nature more and just truly enjoy the experience without any distractions from technology (ofcourse only used my phone for lovely photos) or loud city noises.

It’s so important to take time out to do things like this, to just explore what’s around you and truly appreciate what’s on Earth! It humbles you, it allows you to see the beauty that surrounds you. It gives you memories and experiences you’ll cherish and remember. Spend time and money on beautiful experiences, for it’s experiences that enriches your life.

All in all, I had a great experience. We only reached two waterfalls and apparently there are three so I’m planning to visit Tweede Tol again and I CAN NOT WAIT.

I recommend this to everyone. Please go ahead and experience this for yourself, It’s so worth it! 
Leave your comments below and let me know how your experience was!