Before going on this hike I thought absolutely nothing of it.

I mean, why would I? Almost every other persons Instagram contains victory photo’s of them and their friends completing Lions Head looking fabulous and not tired or bothered at all! 

I thought to myself, “If everyone looks as if they’ve just done a casual 30min walk, then I’m sure I can do it with no stress too”

My mistake.
A few friends and I decided to do our first Lions Head mission on the Full Moon Hike thinking it’ll be so awesome. Trust me, the view on top was awesome but it was not awesome enough for the trouble I went through getting there.

For the first hour or so the walk was fine and I was enjoying every moment of it. The spectacular views from up there are out of this world!

The path then started becoming more and more narrow. I found myself having to climb up rocks on all fours without any hiking experience, without any upper body strength and with a hell of a fear of heights. 

It soon became dark which made it about, a 100 times worse for me. I was extremely scared of the height I knew I was at but I couldn’t see in the dark and was extremely scared knowing I’m at the edge of a mountain.

It was terrifying!

Eventually we got to the top and the view was great, definitely alittle overrated though.


The walk down was difficult for me. At one point I was in tears, actually more than just one time haha! I felt exhausted, scared, cold, anxious and all I wanted to do was get to the ground so I could finally give my heart and it’s million beats a rest! 
Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure a lot of you can do this hike easily! So go ahead and try it out if you haven’t yet!
I tried to make the most of it and stay positive but this hike took more from me than anything else.

These were all my opinions and how the hike was for me.

I’ve had an extreme fear of heights since really small, to the point where I can not breath properly and I usually end up in tears. 

The people I was with were supportive! So patient and motivating throughout the entire night.

Overall it was a good experience and I can definitely say that, if it wasn’t for the group of friends I was with, I would not have made it up and down Lions Head that night!